KimSia Sim


I’m building while doing automation projects for MNC clients. Autonomy >>> max economic gain or max security
Joined April 2021
- Spend 1.5 hrs on EE post of the week on prebiz, biz, and beyond biz #entrepreneurialeng
- the form to trigger amber email actually can send out email with at least the DO number there #enocpop
- meet with Justin about V #greendeploy
- the signed acceptance paper initial form to trigger amber email is up #enocpop
- solve the issue with duplicate linkages in ENPVQP #enocpop
- GreenDeploy - Update Log on Pioneer update #95 #greendeploy
- Refactor tagify autocomplete based on label with tagify maintainer YairEO help #greendeploy
- One off sponsor to YairEO #greendeploy
- Analyze & research tasks to customize messages for allauth in dd32/full templates #greendeploy
- Update greendeploy server updates #greendeploy
- cleaning #maintenance
- finish jan 2023 for dec 2022 ubi utils #ofinanceadmin
- write the first piece for newsletter… #greendeploy
- write the piece on synergistic change model #entrepreneurialeng
- add Edmund to recipient list for cancelled PO notification as requested #enpvqp
- 94th consec update #greendeploy
- replace landing page cloud illustration with upwork freelancer's 4 layer stack illustration #greendeploy
- deploy changes #greendeploy
- add CORE folder to dd32/full template #greendeploy
- update server #greendeploy