Tom Connole


Joined January 2019
Add status to steps #journeymonitor
Add version control to journeys #journeymonitor
Try to get Indiemaker on the occupation list
Rest day #mtacon
Do training hike, Pack weight 7.5KG #mtacon
Add waitlist to xmap
Have prolonged dumb moment: Wondering why my twitter image was slightly fuzzy for days, googling all sorts of shit - turns out it was my cheap monitor / sharp af on my Mac 🤦‍♂️
Get socials ready
Learn how to ssh into aws eb
Design new map view
Sister visiting from out of town
Meet with 2 potential users
Map MVP is coming together, but still looks like 💩
Prep for beta launch day
Setup active storage on s3
Wake up at 4am for no reason
setup prod env in AWS
Research enterprise sales requirements
promise a demo to a customer in 3 weeks
Re-sync my budget