Not a question, just some feedback from a baby-maker to other baby-makers

Hi đź‘‹

You probably don't know me, but I'm a baby maker here on WIP. Started some projects, and took me some time to make my first $$$.

I just wanted to share some personal recommendations, some tips I wish I had before I start my journey as a Maker :

- Find a problem, not an idea
- Don't spend too much money on your first side projects: you can even start with 0€, literally. Use Netlify or Glitch for example
- Pre-sale your project ASAP. If you make ~5 pre-orders:  Motivation++ and you validate your project
- Go as fast as you can. 1 month is enough to test your project. Why? Because you'll get bored.
- Avoid distractions, use on chrome/brave
- SELL YOUR FUCKING PROJECT. Stop giving full access for free, it's stupid! Even $1. Free users are annoying, they want more for free, and if someday you make a paid tier, they won't understand and you'll get bad feedback. 
- Work on your personal brand ASAP
- Run your own race. Stop comparing yourself with experienced Makers. Learn from them. 
- Ignore fake experts 
- Ignore bad comments
- Follow your instinct 
- Enjoy. 

Love ❤

If you have other suggestions. Write them in the comment section 👇

Keep making Side Projects.
You will build trust and self-confidence.

Start small. The more time till your first release the more risk you take on board. Plenty of time to build more if and when the ball starts rolling.

Use the tools you know. No need to use the latest popular framework. Anything goes. Use what works for you.

Working together with the right person solves most of the problems you have while making something alone.

Getting external money to join in is cheap. Your weapons here are thoughtfulness of your vision (knowledge of the problem/audience) and clarity in communication. Your obstacles are your own pride and hope.

YC nail this, imho - "Make something people want" - unpacking this myself to: talk to users, build, survive.