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I did this, for 2 different clients. My advice would be to have a fallback option as not all the property managers/owners are willing to have a Stripe account

Thanks Rod for the tip. We already have a "Pay at the property" fallback 😉

Nice one Peter, looking forward to seeing your todos' hope WIP helps you with accountability as it does for me.

I find it a lot harder to be active on Twitter or LinkedIn, as for me over here is 100% expontaneous, I post as I do without thinking too much about it, just the small steps I go through every day, I didn't know it would have such a positive impact in me.

Se you around 😀

That's really great to hear that WIP is making a positive impact on you Rod - I'll try to use it as much as I can as well :)

Thanks guys, I know Printful but I'm not looking for printing on demand or selling anything.

I need to purchase 50 mugs to give villa's hosts when they checkout.

So I'm looking for a good price / quality ratio

Just get your hands dirty and play around with it :)

@rrmdp 👍that’s the plan. Just wanted to have an intro, but chat GPT main docs seem to be quite clear.

I like the hardcore steak, it helps me being motivated. If is ok to post IRL stuff when on a break then is fine.

I like what @etdev proposed too

I love a good steak too! 🥩

Hahaha middle raw for me please 😄