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Any recommendation for an inexpensive headless CMS?
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Try running on cheap hosting. πŸ™‚

What do think about the viability of a book focused on enteprise software development using Laravel?
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These general concepts aren't going away anytime soon, but writing a new book specific to a PHP product (in 2019) would be outside of my comfort zone.

What is your audience?

Thanks for your reply!

I am thinking mid-level developers who are moving towards senior positions and/or developers who work in large organizations.

I've picked up a specific product (Laravel) to narrow my focus and ensure the sample codes are similar. Although the same concepts can be described in a framework-agonistic way.

There is also one behavior pull that I am expecting...there is a debate in the community that Laravel is not "enterprise-ready" and there has been efforts made to debunk that. I expect to get some network traction if I can convince those advocates to spread about this.🀞