Spencer Walden


I love learning everything I can, fixing things and building things :D Recently sold chocolab.com.au. Before that I worked as a UX Engineer.
Joined December 2020
Get gatsbyjs collection routes working for individual checklist pages #checkyourlist
Set up twitch account
Make ui for new checklists library #checkyourlist
Futher improve checklist generation prompt #checkyourlist
Experiement with gpt3 and checklist generation #checkyourlist
Add custom sounds to iphone version, let ambient sound play and add volume control #beep
Only save V02 max if test is longer then 60 seconds #beep
Send email asking why people didn't proceed and connect accounts #auto
Send trial feedback request emails #auto
Add autoshield text to monthly sub pricing page #auto
Handle forwards and replies to not be subscriptions #auto
Improve finding subscriptions by also looking for list-unsubscribe header #auto
Add admin button for retrying failed subscriptions #auto
Get async gem working for handling multiple live imap connections #auto
Refactor alot of imap code into a class #auto
start building stuff to use imap idle to have a constant connection for future features #auto
Add ability to filter subscriptions #auto
Add better logging to fix some bugs and don't show manual unsubscribe link if it is blank #auto
Add profile to ycombinator co-founder match #self
Improve code blocking extra unsub attempts above trial #auto