What would you like to see in your weekly summary?

I'm considering creating weekly reports that will show you a high-level overview of what you worked on that week, based on your WIP todos.

The goal is to give you an overview of your progress, while also giving you something to share with your audience (blog, Twitter followers, etc) to update them on your maker journey.

What would you like to see in such a weekly report?

Some ideas:

- Total number of completed todos (and % up/down versus previous week)
- Pie graph of which projects you worked on the most (if you work on multiple projects)
- Most popular todo (based on likes)
- Current streak
- List of all completed todos that week, grouped by project?

I love this. I would personally love:

  • the pie graph split per project
  • # of todo's completed per day of week (table format)
  • most popular to do
  • current streak
  • Projects "at risk": listing all projects I have not contributed a task to, and date of when the project had a task completed.

Combining this idea with the GPT-generated summary you shared on Telegram would be baller. Instant draft for an email/social to update users on what’s going on with a project

How about commenting on trends? I love how Apple Health is now telling users about changes in their average heart/respiration rate, sleep quality, etc.

It would be cool if the WIP weekly summary could make note of changes in activity. That could be even more motivating to keep positive trends going.

  • more todos completed
  • stale todos (for project x) finally getting picked up
  • less time between todos (or between start and completion)
  • more detailed todos, more use of media, etc

All this data is already in PostgreSQL, so let's get crunching!