Should "products" be renamed to "projects"?

When I initially added the #hashtag feature to WIP the idea was to group all your product's todos together in one place.

That's still what most people use them for. However, more and more people have started using them for other creative usecases like #life (non-work related todos), tracking their workouts (#gym), etc.

So I'm considering renaming the feature from products to projects. A relatively minor change, but because I don't like unnecessarily changing URL structures I wanted to check in with you all first to see what you think?

Sounds cool and very logical. Maybe users can be able to change project into product once it's (an instance, item or membership) sold?

Marc: please no feature requests
Me: ok

Haha. No I like the idea of having different "types" of projects.

For example a project could be "business" or "hobby". And that would let you filter WIP so that you can see everybody's hobbies haha. Might be kinda fun.

Yes, also make all URLs root


Changed it today! Thanks everybody for your feedback 🙌

Renaming 'product' to 'project' makes sense. Life is art and our #lives are a product of ourselves. I don't use Instagram, but I do enjoy using #nils as a colorful microjournal / blog.

The increase in microblogging and morning routines does seem to clutter the home feed of what once was just shippers and their actual products.

The feed is still digestible for now, but perhaps a future feature for WIP could be filtering preferences for types of products (projects!) to include. Existing project categories could be used here, and Life would be just another category.

Everyone, keep micro-ing! 🍄

Yes, great points on all accounts.

I want to embrace people sharing life updates and other non-work projects. But I agree it would also be nice to filter them.

Thinking what categories we should have. Most obvious would be "personal" and "work". Some others would be "health" and "hobby". Anything else that comes to mind?

'Fitness 💪' updates could go under 'Health ♥️', but it could also be its own category.

I think 'Food & Drinks 🍽' would likely be a popular category here, too.

'Misc 👀' would be a good general catch-all.

Maybe “visible for everyone in their feed”?

I'm late to the party but I think it makes more sense to rename it. You could always follow up later with a [ ] checkbox or something to let people set that a project turned into a product but I wouldn't stress it either way.

Good point.

We already have 'Launched 🚀' checkbox for products (with launch date & @wipbot message in the Telegram group), which could also apply to a project.