I'm getting demotivated. What should I do?

I started to work on #beanvest again because it has 130 new users every month and around 10% are getting the $1 trial. However churn is high, and I feel it won't grow a lot.

I want to start working on something else but I find all my ideas suck. I'm a bit stuck. What should I do ?

You likely already have the answer within these ideas. What are they, and why do they suck?

Last idea I built was #appwatch : I tried to make an ASO tool for Chrome extensions, and then pivoted to Shopify Apps, but i got no success.

I find it harder to have original SaaS ideas now than 10 years ago when I started (also maybe I did not care much about competition)

Woah dude. Hold on.

You are not the one to say if your ideas suck or not. The market does.

How about you build one of the ideas with as little effort as possible (MVP) so you see if there is traction?

Usually ideas that work, work from the start.

Yes, I think I need to work on something new, and see a little bit a traction to keep going at it. Thanks!

As others say, hold on. We've all experienced this feeling, whether we are successful or not.

The fact that 10% are ready to pay is already a good thing. Now, try to reach out to these people to understand why they subscribed and what they are looking for. In the same vein, try to understand why people churn. Most will not answer, but a few will.

Once you have identified what people really want and why they churn, continue to ship. Then, consider increasing prices for new customers, or add new features that require existing users to pay extra. Eventually, loop again.

Thanks Laurent! That's good advice. I actually have a big list of feedbacks, and have been implemented them. I have a few ideas for extra features that could justify higher prices, but I spent too much time on this right now. I need to work on something else and might come back at it.

Increase pricing maybe? Or just go off for a while and the ideas could follow smoother

Yes, good idea. Maybe I should delete the free plan, increase pricing, and start working on something else for a bit.

You are in a perfect position to be in. You get traffic and even registrations. This means you can experiment and find what works. Many would be happy in your position, keep going!

Thanks for the encouragement!