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Theres quite a few tools out there.
Paddle likes to reject people - LemonSqueezy is an up and comer

But... MoRs will charge all the taxes from day 1

You (in 95% of cases) wont be liable for taxes in a region unless you hit a certain threshold of sales in that region (Some places $1k, others $10k+) - it could take a while before you MUST pay taxes in Random Country.

Using an MoR is great if you really dont want to care about it

But you're actually losing a lot more than the their "Fees".
You users will end up paying 20-25% more for your service because the MoR charges taxes from day 1.

Stripe has some tooling to track your tax obligations in regions, and partner tools to do the filing.

IMO (What I plan to do) - Stick with Stripe till you cross thresholds for big regions (EU, US etc) and then look for a solution.

Public details would usually be the product
Business details would be elsewhere

Thanks @McPizza , will take into account :)

Its actually quite common to "borrow" some.
Theres also services that will generate them for you.

This is a common one in EU:

Thats a great idea, starting a Pay-It-Forwards thread!
I too would be interested in an invite, happy to share some 🍕

If you're considering moving under a sponsorship, you'll be locked in for at least 5 years - till you get residency. You are essentially at risk for those 5 years, and often can not legally do any other business activity in that country.

Moving to a new country with a new company, new language, culture, weather etc... is a big thing, it takes a lot of energy. Moving to a new country to be a hermit (just working the job and nothing else) is a killer.

One of the great things about building a SaaS is you can do it from anywhere.
If you have the ability right now to work FT + have time left over for your side project, thats an ideal situation to be in.

To increase salary: Are there remote positions you could apply for that still give enough free time?

Certifications: They wont help you with your business and/or long term goals, maybe short term boosts, but not really worth much long term.

Thank you for your response. I agree with your perspective; it seems that staying in my current situation for another 2-3 years might be the best course of action. This would allow me to save enough money to support myself for a year without work, during which I could focus exclusively on developing and launching my product. I realize that this might not be possible if I move to the Western country. Additionally, pursuing certifications would be beneficial for securing a higher salary and promoting growth in my professional career. Based on my gut feeling and the factors we've discussed, I believe that staying in my current location for at least two more years is the most suitable decision for me.

This is also a good option!
Some people argue its more secure

I prefer password
If you do add other providers (Goog, Apple, Fb etc..)
Try to limit it to just a couple. It gets very confusing when theres too many options, always need to think "Which one did I sign up with"

This is a good point Omar. It happens to me too.

I love that 1password added the option to save which one you used:…

With a password manager it doesn't really matter to me personally but, depending on your audience, most people may not use one. I like social logins for these situations.

And, I agree with adding more providers.

@McPizza To your point on remembering "which one did sign up with?", I like it when apps get me to put in my email address and then show me the method to login with. (Either drop down a password field or show a social login button)