Hey there friends, I'm Dan - developer, designer & pizza lover πŸ•

So cool to be on WIP! Hey there people πŸ‘‹

What are you working on these days?

I'm currently working on
It's a suite of desktop apps, web apps & SaaS(es?) to help you with your API.
My main focus was which I have launched on PH last week (and got #1 yay!).

I'm also working on, currently in limited beta.
Also on the side πŸ˜†

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

I have quite a few products now and I'm having difficulties prioritizing & focusing. The reason I built so many was to find one that's successful and then focus on that. But they kind of all averagely successful so I am not sure how to choose which one to go all in.
I'm also currently thinking to pivot ContentPal (which is general) to a product that just writes markdown blog posts (with images) and have that as a SaaS. Also use it to increase my SEO on other products. What do you think?

What can you help others with?

I'm a seasoned developer primary working on FE, so I'd be happy to help with any FE question. Design too!
Also quite experience with the various clouds & devops so I can help with that too!
Lastly, I've build so I'm somewhat intimately familiar with how Product Hunt works :D

Something else you want to share?

Pizza is life. No pineapple.


It’s all about the πŸ•

rockstar intro here. period.

love the idea behind! I run a few side projects as well and if I can put them on autopilot, I would happily pay $$ every month for it. @d4m1n

that's awesome @scuddalo!

Working towards V1 after the beta (sneak peak
What's your stack? Do you want to integrate it with some sort of CMS, Airtable or directly with an API?

Would love to hear more about your use case!

I want to integrate it with CMS. For BeAssured we use medium for blogs, it would be cool if I could somehow integrate it with that. I also use WebFlow CMS for another project, that's an option too.


great! Thanks for that. I'll look into possible integrations with either Medium or Webflow. Haven't integrated with either before so curios to see how they work.
Exciting :)