Finding the right payment provider for a MVP

👋 Hi all, it's my first time asking a question here, all kinds of pointers are very welcome!

I'm slightly torn regarding how to implement pricing for

On the one hand there's the bullet train Stripe integration, which would get me set up in minutes/hours. Using Stripe Tax, I could also gather VAT and Sales Tax data, but would have to cater for remitting it myself. So easy setup, but maybe accounting headache down the line.

And then there's Paddle, which would be very convenient, but doesn't come with a readymade bullet train adapter, meaning I'd have to create one. Much more work now, but far less hassle later...

Given that I only seek some customer validation now, what would you do?

Or maybe to pivot this question a bit, has anyone yet switched from Stripe to Paddle when they hit sufficient profitability? What was the process like?

You only need to pay taxes once you hit a certain $$$ threshold in each region (€10k sales to EU customers)
I wouldnt worry too much about it now
Some multi million $ apps didnt pay attention till they reached a certain size
Start easy, change later

I've been using Lemon Squeezy for the past short while.

I've picked it primarily for handling subscriptions, tax handling and reverse invoicing. Even though it's missing some minor features (like subscription quantity), I really enjoy using it.

The support is great and the docs are amazing. It took me a couple of hours to integrate their API with my app from scratch. So if you're thinking just of testing the waters, I think it's a rather good alternative to Stripe or Paddle.

+1 for Lemon Squeezy. It's really easy to get into and deal with. I use Stripe as well (because of all integrations), but it feels like I need only 5% of its features.