WIP Invite ideas?

Since ☒ is updating WIP and has previously mentioned changing invites a bit to make it easier;
I thought it would be good to have a thread of ideas to improve the overall experience...

💡 Reclaim invites

I gave my only two invites to people who messaged and asked me.

The first person only created a profile but never posted.
And the 2nd created a few ToDos but then disappeared.

It would be cool if I could "reclaim" the invite to give to someone else

This is a bit tricky to implement, but feel free to message me whenever this happens and I'll manually give you some extra invites.

In the same vein, what if accounts that were opened by invites that go stale (>90 days without activity / login) get "frozen" with the invites returned to the invite provider and the account holder would need to get a new invite.

It does sound tricky though. Do stale accounts get culled?

🤔 Clarity on how you get invites
How do we get invites to share/give away?
I've been a member for almost 100 days but only had 2 invites "awarded to me"
Some clarity about how we can earn more invites would be great 🙏

Right now, it's only based on your streak. There's a bunch of milestones you can reach, after which you are rewarded with invites. There's some additional criteria like not having too many invites already and not having received any recently.

The underlying is to only give invites to people who are active on the platform. But I agree streaks aren't the only way to measure this.

I'll expand the formula by also looking at number of todos completed, questions answered, etc.

I think streaks are a really good measure. I wasn't active for about 2 months and received no invite as I was not really adding to WIP and it's fine.

A possible problem with todos completed would be spamming to get an invite (unsure if someone would be dumb enough to do it tho).

As someone who was looking for an invite until very recently, I would be interesting if there were a way for non-members to contribute and based on interaction be pushed up on the waiting list.

Kind of a "give first" mentality to enrich the community and the reward would be a potentially quicker invite processing or application review.

I like this idea a lot. I'm just not sure how to implement it without massive code changes.

Any suggestions?

Could we have a "guest" user type that only allows commenting/reacting?
Could have separate (stripped down) interface on separate domain that posts comments to primary

An idea could be to let non-logged-in users record the 'like' button and show them separately.

Or let the user posting the todo accept guest comments before making them public. then you'd see all the guest comments after the logged-in ones (cc @marc)...

Maybe I'm not sure what your database schema is set up as but perhaps dividing this in two would be a good idea.

  1. Make the invite list backlog a separate dedicated page (as Omar McPizza suggested) in your leaderboard style. This makes even the applicants list work in the open.

  2. Perhaps you can create a new class of comment for non-members that is delete-able by members (hopefully self moderating for non-community fitting comments). These comments could also maybe be limited to a sub-section of the site. (e.g. only in in the "Questions" section). This could lead to more "ask the crowd" type value.

@floriang @McPizza These are the type of massive code changes I'd like to avoid 😅

Anything requiring separating the website into two parts, or adding a separate user type with different privileges would complicated a lot of the code.

I don't mind adding some complexity in a specific area, but if it's something so fundamental, it tends to slow down all product development going forward.

I prefer a solution that's more isolated.

Maybe one of the application questions could be "pick a question from the forum and answer it in a helpful way". And we'd save that answer not as a regular answer, but simply as part of the application. We'd then also link it to the original question and notify the author of that and get their vote on whether the answer was helpful or not.

Something like this would still allow applicants to demonstrate their value-add, without requiring structural changes throughout the code.

I'm curious if we can come up with more ideas like this or fine-tune the one I mentioned?

Replicate code and make a
Users sign up there (after submitting applicaion)
once they reach a 30 day streak they get an invite code to main
Ensure no-index and tighter restrictions on pre.
Full members can help moderate

i like that one, it will just make it super hard for marc ^^

Haha yes, would unfortunately a lot of complexity to the codebase (slowing down overall product development going forward) and we're not even sure if it would work. So quite a high risk approach I'd like to avoid.