Handle Horse


Monitor when your desired Twitter handle becomes available
Pass $10,000 in lifetime revenue #handlehorse
Write email mentioning Elon's tweet #handlehorse h/t @McPizza0
Tweet about Twitter releasing handles twitter.com/marckohlbrugge/st… #handlehorse h/t @marcantoinefon
Add handles for all portfolio companies (that don't have a clean handle yet) of famous VC firm that signed up #handlehorse
Add SMS text messages for notifications #handlehorse
Fix SPF record #handlehorse
Subscribe first customer to $49/mo plan (checks handle every minute) #handlehorse
Send upsell email to all new users going forward #handlehorse
Send confirmation email reminder 3 days after sign up #handlehorse
Reply to all pending support tickets #handlehorse
Publish Twitter thread about #handlehorse current revenue twitter.com/marckohlbrugge/st…
Upgrade customer that was on the $149/year plan, to the $69/year plan because he was in a higher tier experiment before, but I settled on a lower tier and charging him the inflated price isn't fair #handlehorse
Upgrade customer that was on the (now legacy) one-off 3-month plan, to the new yearly plan free of charge (and disable auto-renewal) to simplify my code #handlehorse
Receive nice feedback about upsell email #handlehorse
Reach ~$1,200 MRR #handlehorse
Pass $2,000 gross revenue #handlehorse
Schedule the remaining 3,000 upsells emails to be sent later today when I'm asleep so I can wake up to a lot of Stripe notifications #handlehorse
Reply to a dozen or so support emails #handlehorse
Save Stripe Subscription ID on each alert #handlehorse
Allow customers to change subscription in billing portal #handlehorse