Sean Kruzel


Father of 2, Builder of alternative data investment strategies, MIT Alum
Joined March 2022
#carryingones youtube channel created
completely and utterly threadlocked
elasticsearch reindexing
created read-only dashboards - message me for login info!… #echoic
created read-only dashboards - message me for login info!…
#echoic launched a dashboard of the product to get initial feedback…
code base refactor for better ETL. Additionally put in some sweet NLP code to better process text with HTML tags
continued my love hate relationship with elasticsearch
12h coding session
#gitpaid basic landing page launched
PLG course week one assignments
wheels cranking on a new side project. I'm excited for how clean this idea is. I'm a big fan of distilling down an entire business into a SINGLE API call.
github actions for #portformer for some sweet CI/CD goodness
upgraded #portformer from angular 10 to 13
standing desk installed
removed slack from my phone. Going to batch all work related messages from now on #consulting #life #slackisntproductive
completed NLP performance test, submitted proposal for 2Q22 consulting project
#consulting invoicing and going to a Chris Rock concert!
final presentation for #consulting project completed. Awaiting approval for next stage
completed two more deliverables for #consulting