What do you use for newsletters?

I've been struggling with what to choose.

We've been using Mailchimp before. Now a friend told me that Sendgrid is way better and cheaper, but it feels more dev-oriented and suitable for larger companies.

There are also some emarketing features in Lemonsqueezy. Another thing I'm considering is whether I can use a CRM (Pipedrive or Folk) for the emails. Yesterday I stumbled upon another tool - Beehiiv. There are so many options...

What do you use? Do you have any recommendation?

For personal writing I moved from Revue to Substack when Revue shut down.

Beehiiv looks good. I personally avoid them because one of their growth marketers cold emailed about my personal newsletter to my work account, which I found extremely unprofessional. I don't want to reward that behaviour.

One app I'm keen to try out going forward is MailCoach, as it seems solid & affordable. It's also run but Spatie, a big name in the Laravel world, so I know their Laravel support will be good. So it seems like the best of both worlds for non-techies and Laravel devs alike.

Using EmailOctopus, it has a free tier up to 2500 subscribers.

If you have 1000s of subscribers then this might help you…

It seems like is getting popular lately.

Much faster and more reliable than active campaign &co !

I use Substack for a couple of newsletters that I know will remain free forever. I plan to use Ghost for others that will be monetised.

I used Ghost until subscribers grew and then moved to Postmark integrated with Django. Postmark was good, so I moved over transactional emails that had been on SendGrid and now just use Postmark for everything.

Substack for newsletters. Convert Kit for automated email campaigns.

I use Substack for personal. I think Beehiiv is a good option. For business, marketing email, I heard many good things about Convertkit.

I love Beehiiv; but also seen lots of ppl here use Tiny Email (

I use Brevo (former SendInBlue) that has not been mentioned here yet

I previously utilized Mailgun, but faced deliverability issues, particularly on the Free plan. Since then, I've developed a solution for my customers through, which I also employ for my own services. This solution leverages Amazon SES for backend operations.