What is the optimal solution for sending emails to 35K users?

Over the years, my Gumroad audience has grown to 35K. Now, I'm exploring the optimal solution for cost-effective email sending, as Mailchimp proves to be too costly for my needs.

I heard about amazon email service but it's scary for me to configure. But, I can give a try if anyone help me out 

I personally have no experience with Mailerlite but I met several happy users.

Thanks Szymon. I'll check mailerlite then :)

Amazon SES is super cheap, but indeed hard to configure. If you have your own server with linux/php/mysql there is a self-hosted app that interacts with it and makes it easier to manage:

I think I have to rethink about SES. But, PHP is not my thing here but will explore sendy. Thanks cacho

I shifted everything from Ghost and Mailchimp to Postmark & am happy. Was easy to migrate / integrate.

Thanks Luke for suggestion. I’ll exploring this

I've used mailersend for a few client projects. It's great, easy to set up, and not expensive.

35k emails doesn't mean much in terms of cost estimation, because you can send emails every hour/day/week.

It's only matter how many total emails are you sending.

If we would assume that all of your 35k emails are subscribed and you will send 2 emails per week it will be about 300k emails per month.

With Postmark it will be $245/mo to send 300k emails.

You can check here:

P.S. I'm using Postmark myself.

Postmark is great

Hmm, $245 seems expensive. But postmark seems great.

If you are going to go with Amazon SES then is worth checking free for up to 62k emails p/m and $0.2 for every 1000 emails after.

So if you send 100k emails p/m it will cost you $3.8 on your Amazon SES account and $20 on MailBluster.

PS: I didn't try myself (yet) but another founder I know is using it and told me

Thanks Rod for detailed insight. I think I have to give Amazon SES a try to configure.

If you code you can try the solution of Shayan…
It's free

Otherwise i did discover this :
from a maker not so long ago it's super cheap

Both looks promising. Thanks Martin. it' my weekend project to explore all these :)

np, i'm switching on plunk this week

If you are not looking for some fancy features and just need a simple usage try sendinblue or even sendfox with ltd on appsumo!

I use both Convert Kit and Active Campaign for clients, but those might not be cost effective for what you need.

FloDesk would be a great solution since it's a flat rate, regardless of list size. (It's $64/month or $59/month for an annual plan.)

Are you new to email marketing?

If so, I can sign up for a free trial of FloDesk and show you the ropes through short Loom videos.

(Experience so you know what I'm talking about: I've been running clients' email marketing for nearly 8 years, and I now create an email strategy for them, including automation mapping and segmentation.)

Also, congratulations on growing your Gumroad audience that large! 👏 Now it's time to collect data, segment them, and send super targeted campaigns to strengthen brand loyalty and encourage them to return!


  • Are you just planning on sending a weekly or monthly newsletter to keep your subscribers/customers active? If so, choose something like Substack because it's free and is more like a community so you can leverage conversations. Plus, there's the opportunity for collaboration with similar creators if you'd like + the option to create a paid newsletter (or paid podcast).

  • Do you want to build out an email automation that nurtures subscribers and leads them to a sale? If so, choose something like FloDesk because it's a flat rate (independent of subscribers + emails sent), and you can choose what content you send based on subscriber data so everything is relevant and nobody gets content/offers they don't want.

It's important to be really clear on your intention going into a decision so you don't waste money (or worse, time).

(There's a way to combine both of these, which is what I do in my business, and I'm happy to share my BTS.)


Thank you for detailed explanation and recommendation.
* Yes, I have a weekly newsletter with 5K subscribers, and I was using Mailchimp before. Now, I want to combine my other subscribers from Gumroad (around 35K) and Lemonsquezy (3K) as well. Of course, adding all 35K subscribers at once would be too much, so I'm planning to start with around 10K subscribers for my weekly newsletter. I wanted to use Substack, but my designer instinct pushed me to create a custom email template instead of settling for Substack's standard layout. I'm looking for alternatives, and currently, I migrated around 5K subscribers to ConvertKit to give it a try.

  • Yes, planning to setup other email automation as well to send to all existing gumroad member. FloDesk, I heared first time.

Let me explore this. Thanks again. Sure love to connect and discussion further.


Currently, using Convertkit for email newsletter with 3K subscribers

And for annoucement-
I also discovered that Gumroad offers a free newsletter service for product announcements. It can be triggered upon a purchase or used for broadcasting updates. A funny incident occurred while I was testing it – I accidentally sent a test message to all 35K users, and now I'm receiving messages from them asking what they purchased! 😛
Total opening rate in 1 hours was 20% of 31K delivered messages.

Look at you figuring out solutions! 🙌🏼 Way to capture attention!