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Roast my idea - a No-code tool to create websites with TailwindCSS

As TailwindCSS targets devs that code, why would it be relevant that TailwindCSS is used to create websites in this no code tool?

Not a question, just some feedback from a baby-maker to other baby-makers

Start small. The more time till your first release the more risk you take on board. Plenty of time to build more if and when the ball starts rolling.

Use the tools you know. No need to use the latest popular framework. Anything goes. Use what works for you.

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Love it, you're so true!

Taxes around the globe

As a EU resident, I investigated this and eventually decided to go with Gumroad (also looked at Paddle and similar services).

Building my own tax system and keeping an eye on tax rates and rules across the globe would cost way too much time and draw my focus away from building an awesome product.

You could also look at an in-between solution like Quaderno they integrate with popular payment services and add tax to your invoice and give you the paperwork to send to various tax agencies.

I'm quite happy with Gumroad, it's not perfect (far from it), for example they don't do bank payment to NL at the moment (apparently they're working on it). My customers purchase through Gumroad and then register their purchase in my customer portal, that way they're my customers and no matter what Gumroad does I have their contact information.

Gumroad: Customer creates Gumroad account and pays to Gumroad via Gumroad payment flow. Gumroad adds tax and pays tax to tax agencies. Paddle takes cut (3% when on 10 dollar plan). Gumroad pays to you.

Paddle: You create a customer portal to manage payments. Customer pays to Paddle via Paddle payment flow. Paddle adds tax and pays tax to tax agencies. Paddle takes cut (I believe 5%). Paddle pays to you.

Quaderno: You create a customer portal and set up (for example) Stripe and everything you normally would. Customer pays through Stripe. Quaderno adds tax. Customer pays to you. You pay tax to tax agencies.

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

+1 for Quaderno, I used it for a few years and it did help simplify tax reports a bit. There's still a lot you have to do yourself though, but it's probably also the most flexible solution as you get to keep using Stripe.

Why go with a hosted service over downloading an SDK?

Having a service would make it possible to set up plugins for no-code solutions, it's very difficult to do this with the SDK as that requires code to be written. The less friction to get started the better.

Why go with a hosted service over downloading an SDK?

Thanks Marc. The second point I had not considered.

Which external keyboard and mouse you're using for mac that aren't Apple product?

I'm using a Wowpen-Joy wired mouse + Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

Maker of things

That's truly unusual Rik, at least for me. What a great hardware!

I need some quick feedback on a software license structure.

Thanks Marc! Excellent points.