Roast my idea - a No-code tool to create websites with TailwindCSS


So I really love TailwindCSS and I think it's going to be a trending framework in 2021. 
I'm currently working on a SaaS web app where you can create websites using TailwindCSS utilities in a no-code tool. (Like Webflow (with less features) / Carrrd )

It's a no-code tool (also a trending niche) with a yearly subscription. 

I've heard that cross-niche are better. What do you guys think ?

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As TailwindCSS targets devs that code, why would it be relevant that TailwindCSS is used to create websites in this no code tool?

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I would use that instead of umso (ex landen) or carrrd because it means that, at some point in the future, I can switch to code faster.

So if the features and pricing are on par with the other no-code tools, that would be a key element to make my choice.

But that's because my business partner needs a no-code tool. As a solo maker I (probably) wouldn't use it.

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Hey I think I'm your target audience.

Big webflow user here and I've been actually diving into tailwind.

Here is why:

  1. Webflow is expensive
  2. I have basic front-end experience and want to dive into front end + back-end at some point. Also want to learn react.

You'll target a VERY niche audience. In my example, I built a webflow front-end and exported it to start the back-end dev. It would be cool if it was tailwind so I can easily change the elements/components around in the code itself without having to go back to the no-code builder.

But then again why should I use a no-code tool that uses tailwind when I could just easily copy/paste components?

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How would it differ from existing offerings like ? I like the idea and served me well so far so I think it has potential if executed well.

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