Hello, my name is Rik Schennink

What are you working on these days?

Doka Image Editor and FilePond, both highly interactive web components.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Mostly need help on the topics of copywriting and coming up with marketing texts. I try to not be awkward but I tend to overthink casual conversation.

What can you help others with?

I love giving product page feedback and can help you with anything front-end tech related (html, css, js).

Something else you want to share?

After two years on WIP I finally found some time to do this intro :D I’m a dad of two young kids, work from home, not the best at sports but loves casual snowboarding down and next to not to steep slopes 🏂 Also enjoys the occasional single malt 🥃 Something on your mind? Ask me anything. I love to chat about indie product development and am very open about how I got here.

Hey Rik, feel free to share any copywriting questions you have in the chat or in the Q&A section of the website.

I personally tend to use conversational language. So however I'd talk to a customer in real life, I'd try to mimic that for my copywriting. I think the trap is indeed over thinking these things. Many people end up writing completely differently than they'd speak in person or over instant messaging. But if you just talk out lout, transcribe that, and make some edits so it flows better that's probably a great starting point.

Thanks Marc, good idea to say it out loud, that's often a very good way to find out if a presentation flows so will probably also work for marketing text.
Going to give it a try!

Rik I have much experience in high end marketing and copywriting! If you would like any feedback feel free to @ me!

Thanks Klim! I'm currently working on a new product page, I'll send over a screenshot next week!