Best Google Analytics alternatives?

Hi makers!
 I am looking for an alternative to Google Analytics because Google Analytics is a bit too complicated for me.
 Have you used Baremetrics or Simple Analytics? What was your experience with them?
 Also, do you have any other tools you would recommend?

I use Simple Analytics and recommend it :D

+1 for Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics, just works, and no need for cookie popups 🚀

Another +1 on @adriaanvanrossum 's Simple Analytics. We even have a special deal for WIP members:

This is great, thanks!

Google analytics looks scary at first but it's really simple. Just little bit of a learning curve.

To keep it simple, find your main KPIs and only use it for that :)

I use which I think works great.

Never heard of this! Thanks!

I use for my personal site, it works nicely.

I like simple analytics as well.

+1 for I am using it since a year

I'm also using Plausible, one reason I choose it is because I'm using Elixir and Plausible, too. So, I can understand their codebase easily and also I like Elixir to get more popular. So, I personally want to help Elixir-based open source projects.