Writers of WIP, any interest in starting our own WIP publication?

Yeah, that's a great idea for sure!

Yep a Medium publication for visibility & we can write WIP success stories & all the product launches so if someone wants to write about their product they will get more customers which means more moneyđź’°as WIP has more than 700-800 active members right now. This will also help WIP itself.

Great idea. Medium will be good platform for this. Easy to manage writers, stories :)

Awesome idea 💯💥✨

WIP Times sounds pretty neat!

I'm in! Happy to contribute some of the stuff I've written already from my blog

can't be blank

@getaclue - thanks for taking the lead on this, and I am willing to work with whatever is decided. A couple of suggestions to get us going. 1. Marc needs to make a call on using WIP brand 2. I think it would be a huge plus to have WIP branding. 3. Maybe we start really small, with a landing page and a mailing list. 4. We continue to publish on our existing sites. 5. If it works, we can take the next steps.

Exactly this. WIP branding will help. If Marc can provide a subdomain ( that might help too. I also don't care who curates who posts maybe there can be volunteers & some startup success stories or launch stories about why we made the product that we did & what will it be used for. It would help more with Visibility too because as WIP is a closed group so maybe WIP Blog which would be fully open will get more visibility & its beneficial for everyone. Since we get visibility for our products, our sales might help with that too.

It will be like WIP Blog = Failory + IndieHackers. The main issue will be not spamming because we have a lot of products every month. So we need to be careful of how we do it. We can do question formats like IndieHackers does or we can be more personal.

Also, we can have Top 5 products of the Week or Top 5 products of the Month. It has a lot of potential. I don't think anyone alone could do this because of the frequency of the products that get released every week so we need people to volunteer. This would be really awesome though. I am all for it.

What should we call it? Ideas for names?
- WIP Times
- Work in Progress
- More?

Yes! I think a WIP publication would be great as we would have more impact than each of us publishing to our own blog etc