What project of yours are you most proud of making and why?

Till now (until I finish the one I am working on), its Redirecto (

Using WordPress as an interface, I built this SAAS out which generates nginx config files for redirections. I built it in a single day when I originally built it. And then a week to optimize it. Its really built out well in terms of architecture. Only uses nginx (no language processing involved at all), so runs very fast. Benchmark results -…

Never launched it publically though. Been 14 months that I built it. Only has 3 paying clients till now. But feels damn good to have built it.

I'm most proud of having made a 27-minute short film because I went through the whole process of film-making: from writing the screenplay to casting, filming & directing, post-production, premiering the film to a selected amount of people in a cinema and then making it available for free for everyone to watch online on YouTube (…) and Vimeo (

my book.

i learnt inDesign and wrote the book, then publishers wouldn't talk to me, then i learnt self publishing and ISBN's, then i learnt about Amazon Kindle, then i learnt how to make a website cause i wanted an online copy, I was insatiable. A learning machine! Just joking (kind of) :)…

@harrydry I know one "shouldn't" buy a book by the cover but your book's cover really speaks to me :)

It's my first real product launch and has gathered 3.5k users at this point. Currently trying to get some money off of it, but it's proving hard. Also it's a tool I use myself every day. :)

For me, that would be Eve of Impact, without a doubt. It's an iOS game I designed and build from scratch in 2010 / 2011.

To pull it off I had to learn Obj-C, C, OpenGL-ES and things like memory management. Wrote my own game loop, particle engine, render engine, interface event manager, the whole shebang.

It took me two years (on and off / evening hours) to build. Released in October 2011, so it's now more than 7 years old, still looks great IMHO. I think in that 7 years it netted around 20K. ☄️

If you're interested in the source, you can find it at:…

This was my first project ever! It's what got me shipping instead of just "learning"

It's also the project I've spent the most time building, I made this with no understanding of the server side, but after this I had better confidence in my skills to figure something out, even if I have no idea how to do it.

Liberty started with a terminal interface, and evolved to a GUI, the final product over a course of like 3 months.

Just one bad part - didn't launch it on PH because of the legality and stuff :p I built it as a side project almost a decade ago. Done over 3,000 interviews and turned it into a consistent source of revenue, always while holding down a full-time job. I am always learning and it's always evolving, so it has been the best education imaginable for me.