Jurn W


Joined September 2017
publish new blog post on digital minimalism jurn.blog/digital-minimalism/
make @camerondare his bot return streak count
add dark mode twitter.com/getScreely/status… #screenshots
launch new editor #screenshots twitter.com/getScreely/status…
add Sketch color picker #screenshots
book flight to Budapest🇭🇺
set goals for next week
continue working on integrating old website into react #screenshots
setup create-react-app + react router #screenshots
start on converting to full react app #screenshots
renew LE certificate
fix color picker in new editor #screenshots
change browse label into button to draw more attention #screenshots
change design of homepage above the fold to emphasize upload box #screenshots
make chrome extension to load screenshot of current page into Screely #screenshots
remove scrollbar before taking screenshot #screenshots
set goals for september
set goals for next week
pickup MBP from Apple store after repair
start reading Road to React #nawledge