What do you listen to while you build?

I've heard you can get more focus not listening to anything but my three young sons are loud and my wife loves reality TV so noise cancelling headphones are a must! 😂

My music preferences lean towards hard/heavy rock/metal but when I'm building I listen to baroque or the piano guys.

If anyone has suggestions for stuff that's instrumental, won't distract or put me to sleep I'd love to hear it 😊

I've recently been enjoying listening to Khruangbin while I work. Mellow beats and not too lyrical.

I sometimes just need some background ambiance — or

Added to the playlist! 🙏🏻

I almost posted a Spotify link because I am literally the only person I know that uses Apple Music!

Now there are two!

Haha! I’ve been far too sucked into the ecosystem to use anything else! 😫

Love it! I hadn’t thought about nature sounds but will give it a go 👍🏼

listen to movies I know well on repeat:

- rounders
- big short
- Founder

Deep focus playlist on spotify -… But I'm also like Sean and like to throw on a tv series in the background (mostly in the afternoon when I'm done with intense work).

For me it's usually some Lofi playlist (ex.…) or the soundtrack to The Social Network movie. I find that last one always kicks me into a creative focus mode.

Both added to my playlist, thank you Will! 🙏🏻

Really like The Social Network movie OST for the same purpose!

South African Amapiano & Japanese Lofi and I use the site sometimes

I’ll check them out! Thanks 😎