Pete Marcano


👨‍💻 Indie web developer — I build apps with Ruby on Rails for myself and other businesses. Let's work together:
Joined April 2022
create first event for #bitcoinbeer meetup
make a combined shopping list for meal plans #mealplanner
migrated old blog posts over to new website #consulting
read @swizec's blog post on migrating wordpress to markdown for my new website 👍 #consulting
add instructions to #mealplanner app
add seeds file to unnamed #mealplanner app 🥘
Post #tweetsweeper to Product Hunt 🎉…
tweak copy for #tweetsweeper Product Hunt launch (look for it Thursday!)
schedule product hunt launch for #tweetsweeper next Thursday :))
deploy app, downloadable, and marketing page to #noon
allow users to disable auto-renewing subscription and then let them delete their data.
redo marketing page because copy is hard #noon
update #tweetsweeper "last chance" email to just list what emails are in the queue rather than making people sign into the site.
make menubar electron app to wrap noon web app #noon
make the range slider pretty and 24 hour themed so people get how to use it. #noon
ask for roast on my react side project, #partyjenga!
deploy to github pages and make it live! #partyjenga
refactor react components #partyjenga
learn react router #partyjenga
add terms of service and privacy policy #tweetsweeper