What are you using when you need an email @ with your domain?

Registrar tools, zoho, Gsuite... ?

@getaclue Oh yes, didn't thought of installing your own tools on your server also :)

I used email forwarding to my gmail account but recently switched to G Suite and can add multiple domains there. Filter based on the to address.

Used Zoho in the past. Great free tier if you have only one domain.
If you manage multiple domains Gsuite is the way to go :)

I've always used zoho free tier

Yep. Zoho is pretty good for a single domain. I'm not a fan of their UI though. So I forward all the email to gmail and setup a sender account in gmail for that email address... 😀

I use GSuite - I have an account from when it was free. Only just realised I could have domain alias for other domains.