Should I add GitHub integration for suggesting completed todos?

When you're in the zone you might forget to log your work. So what if you could connect your GitHub account, and at the end of the day you'd receive an email with all your commits. And based on that you can write the todos you completed that day. (e.g. just by replying to the email)

Two questions:

1. Would you see yourself using this?

2. Are your git commit messages written well enough to be used as-is, or would you want to merely use them as inspiration to write your own todos?

I'm very reluctant automatically cross-posting people's git commits to WIP as it will inevitable lead to todos like "test", "fixed thing", "one more try ffff".

But showing your recent commits might help you remember what you actually worked on that day, allowing you to quickly summarize it to share on your WIP profile. Your git commit messages would also remain private.

What do you think?

Thanks to ☒ for this suggestion.

Hmm, I'd be concerned about security. Can I give you access to commit messages, without giving you access to code?

Great question. I had a look at GitHub’s API and it’s indeed possible to only give WIP access to git commit messages with the repo:status scope.

I like the idea except, I'd miss the pictures and screenshots - so maybe it's just a suggestion to quick fill a todo.

Yes, I think the main idea here would be to trigger people's memory so they can write a custom todo for WIP, along with any images, etc.

I like this idea, but would not auto-post commit messages as they are usually in the context of the code, and not a complete to-do item in themselves.

Even better would be if I get a summary on Telegram instead of an email

Summary in Telegram is a smart idea! Hadn't thought of that. Will consider if I end up implementing the feature

I think the more you automate the WIP todo's like GitHub integration, the worse the community quality gets.

Right now, you have to manually enter your to-do's and reflect for a second on what you did. There's some friction and I think that's a good thing. This attracts active community members who come back to the website.

The idea would be to show you your recent git commits so you can then manually write a status update. So basically just a way to trigger your memory and indeed a moment of reflection.

definitely good to have a reminder of what i did today and be able to post it by rewriting it :)