Praneet Rohida


Founding Engineer @ Working on nailing the UX and growth strategy
Joined October 2022
fix some minor bugs with the #sizzy webview logic
Reply to pending user reports #sizzy
pay credit card bills
rebalance investment portfolio
meditate #life
port the NavigationController code to MST #sizzy
discuss #sizzy toolbar design with the designer
Brainstorm #sizzy 's navigation system
Meet with the designer for #sizzy revamp
Create a drawing to brainstorm the #sizzy data model
set up timeout for breaks
book an airbnb
Discuss the next step of the #sizzy revamp with the team
check out Next.js 13
Refactor photo-studio code to not be a view mode #sizzy
change hotel reservation dates
Finish skeleton MST models for the #sizzy revamp
Release #sizzy v70.2
Have a call with a potential UX designer for #sizzy
catch up with everything that happened at #sizzy while I was away