How do you post your todo?

  • from
  • from telegram WIP
  • from telegram @wipbot
  • from WIP Menubar

Currently working on

Currently working on

I start :
60% from
20% from telegram WIP
20% from telegram @wipbot
0% from WIP Menubar

Maker of WIP amongst other things.
  • 40% WIP Menubar
  • 40% Different Telegram groups (@wipchat, but also private ones)
  • 20% Website
🇦🇹 Freelancer :: ✉️ [email protected] :: 🌐

100% private Telegram groups that happen to have @wipbot in them.

I live in Telegram

- 10% from telegram WIP
- 90% from telegram @wipbot

🤔 learning/devtools/productivity products. Can offer help with: Coding/JS/CSS. Could use with help with: finding customers, building an audience 😅

50% telegram (when on phone), 50% web (when on laptop)

Currently 100% from the website

100% telegram. I edit via the website when I forget to add emoji :tada: 🎉

generalist • ruby enthusiast • building,, and few more projects 😎🧑‍💻
  • 80% WIP Menubar
  • 20% Website
Tweets on building in public. I'm experimenting with daily tweets on #BuildInPublic for April-May 2021 and sharing my learnings

post in telegram WIP

usually i queue up a list of done so as not to break streaks in my

Made many products. Failed always. But never gonna give up. 🤩🚀

100% WIP Menubar (for now)

But I'm just getting started. Just learned in this thread that I can also add the WIP bot into a personal chat group and then post todos from there as well :D

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

Yep, me and a couple of friends do that a lot. Kinda depends on the types of todos we're working on.

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