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signup for apple developer account #hifive
signup for $25 google play console account and submit ID for verification #hifive
setup android studio, xcode, flutter in new M1 mac #hifive
move projects with less/no usage to heroku/ free tier
start a weekend project #stepcountchallenge
TIL how to configure eslint to use ts import
make navigation easier for mobile users: hide all links expect "My account" on top navigation and show rest on bottom #whatsnewco
show chat widget only for admin section #whatsnewco
make a note of all subscriptions and where cards are used #tawsum
call with cofounder #hifive
export 2021 bank statement to send over for filing #tawsum
work on onboarding flow #hifive
reply to savvycal Whats New email mentioning about #whatsnewco
follow up on tax forms filings #tawsum
read about redux-thunk #til
Add Stats for admin in #whatsnewco
pay invoice for tax filings #tawsum
🥉Product of the day for 30th Jan 💃 #whatsnewco
PH Feedback: Add a page to suggest addition of products like notion, figma, etc so that admin can sync changelog from official site or use their rss if available… #whatsnewco
PH feedback: add login via email link #whatsnewco…