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renew domain #stepcountchallenge
Write down this year's plan for side projects (general theme is to work on existing projects, unify them to a single project or based on customer market, etc) #tawsum
Get back to work after two week vacation
signup for a new cloud66 account which has new pricing and move #highscoredomains #tildev and #whatsnewco to it
restart streak for the 100th time hoping this time it would be different (or atleast avoid disappearing for months)
try wip menu
get back to WIP
signup for apple developer account #hifive
signup for $25 google play console account and submit ID for verification #hifive
setup android studio, xcode, flutter in new M1 mac #hifive
move projects with less/no usage to heroku/render.com free tier
start a weekend project #stepcountchallenge
TIL how to configure eslint to use ts import
make navigation easier for mobile users: hide all links expect "My account" on top navigation and show rest on bottom #whatsnewco
show chat widget only for admin section #whatsnewco
make a note of all subscriptions and where cards are used #tawsum
call with cofounder #hifive
export 2021 bank statement to send over for filing #tawsum
work on onboarding flow #hifive
reply to savvycal Whats New email mentioning about #whatsnewco