David Furlong


🤔 learning/devtools/productivity products. Can offer help with: Coding/JS/CSS. Could use with help with: finding customers, building an audience 😅
Joined October 2020
start testing farcaster hubs #discove
go to on deck meetup
plan farcaster meetup #discove
ship bookmarks
set up farcaster hub #discove
implement user feedback from customer interviews #discove
board game night with cohort
warpcast api migration
week 2 a16z css
fix mobile bugs
fix mobile bugs #discove
ship discove mobile testflight #discove
rip broke my streak by not updating my timezone on my last update... :(
visit farcaster office
day 2 a16z
a16z css day 1
fly to LA
meet with fellow farcasters #discove
ship first ad-hoc iOS build of #discove