Bluesky invites?

Does anyone have Bluesky invites to give out? Would be more than happy to help fellow WIP members get access later on.

I signed up for the waitlist half a year ago I think, but still no email from them.

Thats a great idea, starting a Pay-It-Forwards thread!
I too would be interested in an invite, happy to share some 🍕

FYI, you need to be on there for 2 weeks before you get invite codes

They temporarily suspended new account creations :)

Just been invited – I think it'll be ~2 weeks but I can pass an invite down our chain 💯

Anyone want an invite code?

Here you go:

  • bsky-social-fakrc-euau3
  • bsky-social-vo2p6-7ovkv
  • bsky-social-vuyp7-7333r

Completely forgot to share my invite codes!

Honestly not used bsky too much yet :)

Here you go:

  • bsky-social-nnwd3-rwcf2
  • bsky-social-hih7y-ahbty
  • bsky-social-sszn6-opgna