Aron Rotteveel


🏗️ Building, an AI-enhanced web reader. Freelance Software Engineer. Sharing my ups and downs while I build (and struggle 😅) in public.
Joined November 2017
Wake up to anxiety-inducing AWS budget monitor notification #gistreader
Work on desktop triage UX #gistreader
Focus on fixing bugs after discovering Sentry was broken 🥲 #gistreader
Work on mobile UX #gistreader
Update landing page design #gistreader
Landing page tweaks #gistreader
Send out mail to users during WWDC keynote #gistreader
Deploy Lemonsqueezy integration + pricing structure overhaul.… #gistreader
final code reviews before Lemonsqueezy deployment tomorrow
Review lmsqueezy integration in preparation of switch #gistreader
Create “trial expiring soon” emails #gistreader
visit Gasfabriek in Deventer
Pay for marketing help 😅 #gistreader
Work on subscription/upgrade page #gistreader
Start implementation on pricing change
no laptop today and enjoy the sun
Create Lemon Squeezy account to investigate migration from Stripe
Install Subnautica and take a break from building today
Wrangle my way through the Notion API
Buy domain for new project