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To the coders, have you tried building things with "no code"?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

No I haven't, because they all have too many limitations that you usually face at the first custom integration you want to do.

Also because I am an experienced dev and building stuff myself is usually faster than for me learning some limiting new tool that I know will cost me and be a pain in the butt whenever I want to customize something.

Are hosting and platform fees more expensive than just running a VPS?

It will never be less expensive than running your own VPS for the single reason that for a no-code tool you pay for more than simply the server performance. You pay for them developing the app, hosting it, configuring it, support etc.

There are tons of tools to build a MVP quickly in many frameworks though, that to me seems like the best alternative.

Do you use VPN's if yes which one and why if no why not?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

I use because they accept cash and don't require an email address. So if you manage your privacy correctly there is hard for them to know who you are even if they tried.

That said, I only use it when I travel basically or whenever I am on public wifis since otherwise a VPN doesn't do much for you since you basically have to trust the vpn provider rather than the ISP.

I used to have my own vpn but due to my change of living I don't have that anymore so that's why I pay for Mullvad.

Remember tho that if you use Windows or MacOS you will never have privacy since both of those OSes send data back to the mothership before and after you log on a VPN so it'll be an easy match for any authority to know who you are even if you're using a VPN and are doing your best to stay anonymous.

Learning JS/React / Working on / Side Hustle as a Fitness Trainer / ❀️ lo-fi music & cocoa + guarana β˜•βœ¨ / Need help growing my site

Thx for the insights mate!
What's with linux/ubuntu?
Lol, I love the mullvad pricing page :D

I'm planning to be uncontactable for 21 days. How do I keep the lights on?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

Best is probably to find someone that is technical savvy enough to help out. Maybe someone from WIP? If you pay a small fee for being standby and a larger fee per hour if something would happen, give a tour and access I am sure someone would be interested.

Hell I would perhaps be open for it given it’s not on my own vacation and no work unless something breaks. The likelihood that something actually goes down is relatively small I would presume.

Thanks Markus. Yeh I hoped something like this would work. I like the fee idea. It's not until the end of the year - so I've got some time. I'll send you a message when the time comes to see if you're still interested haha.

Best Google Analytics alternatives?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

I use which I think works great.

Never heard of this! Thanks!

How are people designing their MVPs?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

I just started with Tailwind after some time rolling everything on my own. I purchased tailwind ui and it is really good for just smashing things out. However I've found tailwind can be a bit tough to setup and they rely on a bunch of plugins if you want to really get the most out of it.

So if you're going with Tailwind, I only recommend so if you're using Vue or React since it will have the most smooth experience. It kind of requires npm if you want to use the plugins afaik.

SWE, JS, React, Node. Overemployed in the past. Remote full-time position is now. Abosolute freedom in future.

Yeah, It seems like Tailwind UI is a perfect starting point!

which npm libraries should I know if I want to start a web3 project?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

I don't want to be rude but it is a bit of a weird question that would suggest that you're pretty new to the programming space?

I would suggest by first starting with understanding web3 and what it's all about, then find some problem or project that has a goal you want to achieve and then start working towards that goal. On the way you will most likely face issues you need to solve and then you can search npm packages to help you solve these specific issues.

I wish you luck though!

Do people nomad with little babies? Anything to be aware of?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

You maybe don't need to fly around the world constantly to be a digital nomad. Depending on where you live, you could be a digital nomad in the near vicinity of your current location. Maybe you could buy an RV and travel the world a bit more slowly? That way you can bring your home with you.

My friends think, I'm stupid. What do you guys think?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

Honestly, a business doesn't need to be based on a good idea or even unique idea. All you need to provide is a service or product that is competitive with others. It certainly helps if you're the first one to figure out a solution to some problem that other people have but there are as an example a bunch of sushi shops in most major cities.

All you need to do is provide good sushi, preferably better than most others, and people will buy it when they become aware of it. Since you're starting from scratch, it is a high likelihood that you will have some failing ideas or projects but in time you will learn what works and what don't.

Good luck and there is no idea to share your dreams with negative people that give unconstructive feedback unless they have something that they can provide.

Learning how to create a bootstrapped businesses from scratch. And also Building a 🚒 shipping muscle. πŸ’ͺ

Thanks @santas_dev . I'll note down this points.

ROR or django, For saas business?
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

There is no right answer but different stacks can either speed up development or slow it down. I would say it depends on what kind of app you want to build.

Are you going to have a lot of client side interactivity? If so I would say go for javascript front end and a javascript backend (node or deno). Otherwise I would probably say run elixir with elixir liveview if you don’t have that mch experience since the learning curve will be big anyway.

Phoenix liveview is imo much better than django and htmx. The amount of stuff you can do with little code is unmatched with any other environment I have tried. Which you stated was the goal here.

Remember you can do a lot of interactive stuff with css.

Business idea evaluation needed
I love dogs, simplicity and transparency.

Sure, no problem. I don't like to be negative and it's not really clear to me exactly what you'd be doing. Maybe I am completely wrong here because I am also just taking stuff out of my ass.

There are startups that target large corporations and it's often enough with 1 or 2 customers in those cases since they are so large and pay a lot.