I'm planning to be uncontactable for 21 days. How do I keep the lights on?

Hey there.

At the end of the year, I'm doing a trek, which means I'll be out of phone reception for 21 days straight.

I'm confident I can find someone to do general customer support etc. but has anyone found a solution for more technical problems that might pop up, like my AWS servers going down / having an issue?

Has anyone faced this issue?
Does anyone know of any response services for this?

Hey Tom, I used to use a dev ops service called Bob Cares a while back. Although I don't recommend it (price too high for what you get, and contract requires one additional billing period after it cancelling), they do the bare minimum of keeping the server online.

Ok cool. Sorry to hear about the price and service, but glad to know these services exist. I'll look into it a little further and try find a better service provider. Thanks.

Best is probably to find someone that is technical savvy enough to help out. Maybe someone from WIP? If you pay a small fee for being standby and a larger fee per hour if something would happen, give a tour and access I am sure someone would be interested.

Hell I would perhaps be open for it given it’s not on my own vacation and no work unless something breaks. The likelihood that something actually goes down is relatively small I would presume.

Thanks Markus. Yeh I hoped something like this would work. I like the fee idea. It's not until the end of the year - so I've got some time. I'll send you a message when the time comes to see if you're still interested haha.