Do you use VPN's if yes which one and why if no why not?

I just cancelled my VPN provider and would like to know you thoughts on VPN's.


I use PIA (Private Internet Access) which is what Reddit recommended. They have a no-logs policy according to them, and I have had no problems using them. Have renewed three years now.

Reason for using is:
- Privacy from government
- HTTPS layer when browsing on untrustred networks and mobile data providers

I found a referral link for 30 days of free use -…

Nice, thx. Love that they have a 6 months option instead of 1 year.

I've used NordVPN for 2 years with little problems. Good no-logs policy and court cases to back that up. reasons are basically I had websites tracking me. Also good for testing websites im building from different geos.

I use because they accept cash and don't require an email address. So if you manage your privacy correctly there is hard for them to know who you are even if they tried.

That said, I only use it when I travel basically or whenever I am on public wifis since otherwise a VPN doesn't do much for you since you basically have to trust the vpn provider rather than the ISP.

I used to have my own vpn but due to my change of living I don't have that anymore so that's why I pay for Mullvad.

Remember tho that if you use Windows or MacOS you will never have privacy since both of those OSes send data back to the mothership before and after you log on a VPN so it'll be an easy match for any authority to know who you are even if you're using a VPN and are doing your best to stay anonymous.

Thx for the insights mate!
What's with linux/ubuntu?
Lol, I love the mullvad pricing page :D

If you want to stay anonymous, linux in general is the only viable choice. I donno about Ubuntu though, perhaps they send some data to canonical but it's probably anonymous at least (unless you have logged in to their services).

Also note that any website that uses fingerprinting can easily spot you across ips as well. There are browser plugins for that. But for the best privacy I would probably use a specific browser for my private browsing on some linux distro and of course not be logged in to anything while I am browsing the web anonymously.

Even better is to get a specific computer you only use for anonymous usage and also to connect to the Tor network after a VPN connection (that you paid with cash of course).

That way, it will be really hard for anyone to connect you to your real identity.

Mullvad is the only vpn provider that I trust because they actually let you be anonymous.