How are people designing their MVPs?

I’ve started up a new Rails project and am trying to figure out the best approach for design. The main options I’ve figured out so far are:
  • Simple.css (current) - great for prototyping, not so great for an actual launch
  • Bootstrap - incredibly popular, but the designs seem a bit dated
  • TailwindCSS - beautiful, but seems like overkill for an MVP. Also the learning curve is steep
  • Hand-rolled - creating your own them from scratch seems like a good option, but a lot of work that may be redundant because of the other CSS frameworks. I’m also getting back into design so I’m a bit rusty
I’ve also noticed some similarities in projects built by devs on this site (e.g. fonts, emojis, etc.). What would you all recommend?

I really liked Chakra UI, was much easier for me than bootstrap.

Thanks Maria, I'll check that out! Your project Sustinero has a super clean design, I really like it 👍

Thank you so much @thinkolson ! To be honest, I have zero sense of style, so just used default chakra settings :)

I just started with Tailwind after some time rolling everything on my own. I purchased tailwind ui and it is really good for just smashing things out. However I've found tailwind can be a bit tough to setup and they rely on a bunch of plugins if you want to really get the most out of it.

So if you're going with Tailwind, I only recommend so if you're using Vue or React since it will have the most smooth experience. It kind of requires npm if you want to use the plugins afaik.

Yeah, It seems like Tailwind UI is a perfect starting point!

What are you building Will?

At the moment I'm building out an idea I had for an email newsletter service that doesn't do a bunch of creepy email tracking: #slimnewsletter

Regarding Tailwind, you could try daisyui -> Looks not bad

Plain ol HTML + CSS + JS for me. I'm probably the minority though.

Yah I'm leaning that direction, at least for the MVP