Do people nomad with little babies? Anything to be aware of?

I am thinking of becoming a digital nomad, but have a little baby girl 10 month old. Is it possible to do this with the baby? 

My partner is very supportive and we see a lot of advantages, but I worry about availability of childcare and health insurance for the baby.  

Would really appreciate some advice. 

I don't have any relevant experience I'm afraid, but what I will say is that you don't need to jump right in immediately. You can just go for an extended holiday somewhere and see if you can find the necessary amenities and services to remain productive while also caring for your child.

If that works out well you can consider staying somewhere for a longer time period, etc. No need to take huge leap. Just baby steps (pun intended).

I'm not sure if there's any nomad parents on WIP (although there might be), but I'm sure you'll find some on @levelsio 's – there's a very active Slack chat group with I'm sure plenty of people able to answer your question more in depth.

Thank you for your advice @marc , love the extended holiday idea!

Even if not. Pave the way, I'd love for this to be a thing when I have a kid :)

I'm not a digital nomad, although I (used to) travel a lot. My girlfriend and I just had a baby and we're taking our first little trip together when she's 3 months old and will take longer trips in the future, once we get some type of comfort. So yeah, we're taking the baby steps @marc suggests.

@jelmerdeboer congratulations to you and your girlfriend on a new baby! Taking the first trip at 3 month old is super cool, I was afraid to leave the house at that time haha.

You maybe don't need to fly around the world constantly to be a digital nomad. Depending on where you live, you could be a digital nomad in the near vicinity of your current location. Maybe you could buy an RV and travel the world a bit more slowly? That way you can bring your home with you.

@santas_dev thank you, great advice on bringing our home on a trip, definitely need to declutter to prepare for nomadic lifestyle)