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Use "BETALIST.COM" as credit card statement descriptor, because before it just said "Expedited Review" and someone disputed the payment because they didn't recognize the charge #betalist
Migrate all attachments from Shrine to Active Storage, because Active Storage quite good now and I prefer to keep everything as Rails-vanilla as possible despite Shrine being really good too #betalist
Try out big grid design #betalist
Publish Twitter thread about cease and desist #betalist…
Have lawyer send cease and desist to BetaPage for infringing on my trademark (and spamming our users, etc) #betalist
Add feedback widget #betalist
Add back category banner to homepage #betalist
Show validation errors when submitting startup #betalist
Add support for short YouTube sharing URLs #betalist
Make sure large animated GIFs break in admin panel too, because we kept being surprised about them breaking on front-end #betalist
Automatically unsubscribe hard bounced subscribers #betalist
Complete migration from SendGrid to Postmark #betalist
Refactor modals such that they can be used standalone on a page as well (e.g. signup modal also works as standalone signup page) #betalist
Add logo to emails, and make confirmation-link into a button #betalist
Redesign signup/signin modals #betalist
Gradually migrate to Postmark by migrating 1,000 newsletter subscribers per day from SendGrid to Postmark #betalist
Fan out newsletter deliveries to not overload email servers and reduce chance of being considered spam #betalist
Switch from SendGrid to Postmark for transactional emails #betalist
Ask IH community for feedback on BetaList #betalist…
Get ddos'd #betalist