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Upgrade to imgproxy v3.7.1 #betalist
Double server capacity for imgproxy #betalist
Deliver daily KPI summary to team chat with @rpish #betalist
Create daily Telegram notification of KPIs inspired by @AndreyAzimov #betalist
Fix problems with images not always loading, because imgproxy was running in development mode (didn't have my license key configured) and it would rate-limit to 100 requests/min #betalist
Reindex all startups on Algolia to fix image URLs now that we use imgproxy #betalist
Bypass Cloudflare protections for as it was blocking legit requests #betalist
Disable imgix source for #betalist
Remove old records #betalist
Disable unsubscribe confirmation email because apparently it's not a best-practice anymore (
 ) despite still being the default by MailChimp #betalist
Improves infinite scrolling & saves user's view preference #betalist
adds ability to upload custom avatar #betalist
Call with @BilalBudhani about #betalist development
Switch from imgix to self-hosted imgproxy #betalist
Don't show uploaded images as squished squares, but "contain" them within the square #betalist /cc @rpish
Review all reported comments and delete any spammy ones #betalist
Delete a shit ton of spam comments #betalist
Add stats dashboard to see what kind of startups are performing best versus worst. In order to aid better curation #betalist
Automatically reject any startup submission with the word "escort" in it (yes, we get a lot of those for some reason) #betalist
Send email to BetaPage asking them to stop harassing #betalist startups