Shazeb Hussaini


Learning how to create a bootstrapped businesses from scratch. And also Building a 🚢 shipping muscle. 💪
Joined February 2022
my MacBook Pro is here. 64gb 2tb
visit aquarium
visited Singapore flyer
visited garden by the way, cloud garden
reached singapore
MacBook pro shipped!
flying to Singapore for 1 week. #shaz
done deployment
ordered MacBook pro 16inch max
Reached doha. #shaz
travelling back to doha. After celebrating EID in india. #shaz
buy phone for dad. #shaz
visit Qatar national library for VApT activity. #work
Chatgpt just dropped plugin's. #shaz
created a working bot. #cybergpt
visiting lusail boulevard
Testing #shaz
Post validation link on twitter.…
Playing pool. #shaz