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🤔 learning/devtools/productivity products. Can offer help with: Coding/JS/CSS. Could use with help with: finding customers, building an audience 😅
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This is definitely a problem I have had and I usually use grep.app/ to try to solve it. Often its finding out how to get a library to work with my specific use case or the code pattern/templates that projects use for doing something with a library

I would ask your partners. Our agreements include things like SLAs and subprocessor information

Without scarcity of mint its hard to create value imo - the less than #100 number seems like you're creating some sort of arbitrary tiers that almost make it like two separate tokens.

Yeah interesting idea I play football casually (1x per week) and would be curious enough to install an app to see some analytics although attaching the phone somewhere to my person would seem to be somewhat of a barrier of me adopting it. I probably wouldn't pay 50$ for a device, and I wouldn't carry a phone in my pocket or on my arm so im probably not your target audience (maybe if I had an apple watch I would keep it on to get this data).

On a different note I think you should probably ignore or not ask people what they think of your idea or app because their answer is either going to give you false validation (aka someone saying its a good idea has very little to do with whether they would actually use it) or its going to discourage you because others don't share your perspective on why this is a great project. I'm happy to give more specific feedback if you have any questions though! I think the name and domain is 👌 I would also challenge you to think about the core value proposition to your target audience and make it the most prominent text on your homepage 🚀

50% telegram (when on phone), 50% web (when on laptop)

Not sure what the best solution for the video is. Perhaps start to play on scroll position, or pull the video to the side (2 col layout) and make it optional


Theres a typo here: "How doest it works ?" (should be does)

I think my one comment is that the video is a bit overwhelming. It's super fast and auto starts and is the whole page and by the time I get down to it its in the middle of the video and I have no idea whats going on and then its french and then im lost.

Its also not clear to me what the AI writes vs what you wrote in the video, and why you're reformatting the writing there into headers by copy pasting - that feels a bit slow

Love the design of the website and congrats again!

I'm using both atm for different things and it depends what you're using it for. Roam is interesting for connecting ideas, notion is better for proactive structuring of knowledge bases and for pretty formatting. Roam is quite performant and I'm finding Notion a bit slow.

Hey Osman!

First off your website looks awesome, congrats!
I don't use a snippet manager and I'm not really sure why not.
I do know there are many snippet managers and I've made the mistake before to focus on features and solutions rather than solving problems for customers. I think you should be careful not to develop too much without speaking to customers first. I'd be careful about asking what people might do, especially other people. A great book for this learning to speak with customers is Mom test.
Love the domain too! Good luck with the project