Searching source code useful to anybody?

So my friend and I we had this problem -- in another project we were supposed to use a few javascript libs we knew nothing about and googling for how others use them wasn't fruitful.
So we scraped open-source repos on the internet and created a searchable index where you can find apps by the dependencies they use and check out their code, explore other solutions etc. We're guessing more developers are searching the nets for inspiration.
And here we are a few nights after the first scrape with first crude UI to test whether it would be useful for anybody. For now its just a fraction of most popular javascript github repos.

Does this make sense? Does the CTA on landing page make sense? How do you search code online? Would you use tool like this, or know a tool like this?
Any feedback would much appreciated, thanks!! 

The English doesn't quite make sense in the sub title. Change "There are thousands of ways to write an app. codelib.code helps you find how world use tools and give you the inspiration for building better software." to "There are thousands of ways to write an app. codelib.code helps you find how the world uses tools and gives you the inspiration for building better software."

So the app is to see how other apps use certain javascript libraries? I think the "Knowledge at your fingertips" would be better being more specific, a concise sentence saying how your app helps a developer.

Thanks for your feedback!
Would you say phrase "App solutions at your fingertips" sounds like a better fit?

Be more specific, how exactly does it benefit a developer?

I actually prefer your WIP short description "Dip into the sea of open-source knowledge."

This is definitely a problem I have had and I usually use to try to solve it. Often its finding out how to get a library to work with my specific use case or the code pattern/templates that projects use for doing something with a library

I've often been frustrated by the GitHub search and used applications like (And also an internal tool). However, it looks like GitHub are on the case and are making their search super powerful:

GitHub is just about to release a more enhanced code search which will probably mean that your solution won't get used unfortunately.

Here's a video outlining the new GitHub search features.…