Roast: Thundercontent — Write articles with AI

Hi there,

Today, I launch Thundercontent, a tool to write article with an AI-powered assistant.

"Thundercontent uses artificial intelligence to help you writing unique articles at the speed of light. Spend less money and time, for a better result."

I wanted to know if:
- the content of my homepage is sufficiently clear
- the design is correct
- the demonstration (in 27 secondes) is clear


Feel free to give further feedback. 🔥


Theres a typo here: "How doest it works ?" (should be does)

I think my one comment is that the video is a bit overwhelming. It's super fast and auto starts and is the whole page and by the time I get down to it its in the middle of the video and I have no idea whats going on and then its french and then im lost.

Its also not clear to me what the AI writes vs what you wrote in the video, and why you're reformatting the writing there into headers by copy pasting - that feels a bit slow

Love the design of the website and congrats again!

Thank you for reporting typos errors. As Matt recommended, I'm going to ask a native English speaker to proofread the entire landing page to make sure it's perfect.

probably stop the automatic play? I had put the automatic play to insist to watch it.

for the video I'm going to record a new one.

In any case thank you for your feedback, it helps me. 🙏

Not sure what the best solution for the video is. Perhaps start to play on scroll position, or pull the video to the side (2 col layout) and make it optional

Is it based on top of GPT-3 ?

Hello Roman, is it's based on GPT-3

I found your product few days ago and even wanted to give it a try, but paywall pretty much scared me so I jumped to another solution.
Did u consider to provide free trial?

For this first month of beta launch, we only wanted paying users. They are privileged, we develop what they need and maintain an intensive exchange relationship to build a great product.

In the next few weeks?/days? we will make Thundercontent free to try.

Let me know if you want to get a discount code which offers you one month free for a one year subscription.