Thoughts on yet another NFT project

Trying my hand in solidity programming by launching yet another NFT project. 

My project will feature 3D avatars that are generated on-chain that people can view and play with through the web-app. I am curious to hear about people's thoughts on allowing unlimited mints for the NFTs. 

I know the whole thing that makes NFT popular are the limited supply aspect but I am wondering if this model will work out: 
- Allow unlimited mints for the 3D Avatars
- Users who hold the NFT Avatars are allowed to participate in **limited ** NFT accessory drops for their 3D avatars such as jewelry, hats, etc
- Some accessory drops can only be minted by holders of Avatars with certain IDs, eg less than #100

Also thinking about using Polygon MATIC but I have not done too much research around it and do not know the pros and cons (other than having lower gas fees). 

Want to get people's thoughts on this.

Limited supply seems to be the way to go, if you want to create a sense of scarcity, and therefore perceived value.

There are many interesting projects that allow you to create custom NFTs, such as Etherwaifu:

Without scarcity of mint its hard to create value imo - the less than #100 number seems like you're creating some sort of arbitrary tiers that almost make it like two separate tokens.

Even with scarcity, 100 penguins in a project is not different than 100 penguins in another project. I got pinged 3 times this morning on Discord for NFT projects