What do you think is better? Notion or Roam Research?

I'm a notion person, yet I'm wondering how roam is?

I'm using both atm for different things and it depends what you're using it for. Roam is interesting for connecting ideas, notion is better for proactive structuring of knowledge bases and for pretty formatting. Roam is quite performant and I'm finding Notion a bit slow.

As you can probably see from my daily tasks that I complete on WIP that I am a heavy ROAM user. Below you will see how my mind map on there looks like nowadays. Picture 1.

I think that the choice between Notion and Roam should not be influenced by anyone else. If you enjoy using someone else's templates and you enjoy simply completing the template then it is good as well.

For my use case of Roam, which is habit tracking, journaling, making plans, reviews, Having Kanban and TO-DOs, planning videos and working with the team of 500 people, ROAM is a perfect solution.

It just feels nice to always know that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is interlinked. Sometimes I end up writing their things because I know that it will forever be stored in it and I can search for it at any point in time.

What was I thinking on the October the 13th? Well, let's see. Picture 2.

Also being able to reference people and events and just general terms is a game-changer in sorting your information.

oh yes, adding on top of @david point, ROAM is way faster with instant response time while Notion feels sluggish after using ROAM.

I use Roam, too. Have you found a good way to use the graph view? I don't really use it for anything.

I agree being able to reference people and events is amazing.

I'm personally more of a "gardener" i.e. prefer the organic growth of a wide range of ideas ala Roam, vs deliberately planned building fit for "architects" ala Notion.

shout out to ness labs!…

I like Notion but I'm also starting to play around with Obsidian a little bit. I don't like the idea of storing so much information in an online/for profit/closed system. Obsidian seeems like a much safer option long term.

I use Roam. I really like it. A few of my favorite things:
* The workflow of dumping notes in a daily page and then using backlinks to find them later is magical. I don't spend time organizing and I can find things quite efficiently.
* Page links have namespaces. You can do something like [[startup/ideas/SaaS/Fruit delivery]]. This is very nice for searching and autocomplete.
* With the Roam Toolkit Chrome extension, I get to have Vim keybindings to navigate Roam.

Notion is pretty good, although, for most things it does I prefer other services. I was using in as a CRM for a while, now I'm using Monica, which I like much better.

Also, this may seem kind of outdated, but I use Evernote as a dump for content. In my experience, it has had the best searching of many different kinds of files including scanning pdfs and pictures of documents and it has a great web clipper.