Roast my idea - A Code snippet manager

Landing page

What do you guys think of this platform?

- Code snippet manager designed for your Mac menubar
- Works offline, also doubles as a note-taking tool
- Instantly share code snippets through a URL
- Create an image of your code

- Chrome extension to save code snippets found online (including metadata)
- Folders
- Cloud support, rather than just being offline

Is this something people would use?

Hey Osman!

First off your website looks awesome, congrats!
I don't use a snippet manager and I'm not really sure why not.
I do know there are many snippet managers and I've made the mistake before to focus on features and solutions rather than solving problems for customers. I think you should be careful not to develop too much without speaking to customers first. I'd be careful about asking what people might do, especially other people. A great book for this learning to speak with customers is Mom test.
Love the domain too! Good luck with the project