Hi Folks,

I am building which is like a GPS based journal for Football. Think Strava for football and it provides meaningful metrics from the game/training session.

It is still in early stages and only has Strava integration at the moment but eventually it will integrate with Fitbit, Garmin and have its own app.

A recorded activity looks like this

About business modal, I am not sure yet, I may charge for using the platform but I also want to "Democratize football science". I may make specific apparel though, like a vest that makes playing with phone easier (with it at your back)

What do you think about the idea/app?ย 

Yeah interesting idea I play football casually (1x per week) and would be curious enough to install an app to see some analytics although attaching the phone somewhere to my person would seem to be somewhat of a barrier of me adopting it. I probably wouldn't pay 50$ for a device, and I wouldn't carry a phone in my pocket or on my arm so im probably not your target audience (maybe if I had an apple watch I would keep it on to get this data).

On a different note I think you should probably ignore or not ask people what they think of your idea or app because their answer is either going to give you false validation (aka someone saying its a good idea has very little to do with whether they would actually use it) or its going to discourage you because others don't share your perspective on why this is a great project. I'm happy to give more specific feedback if you have any questions though! I think the name and domain is ๐Ÿ‘Œ I would also challenge you to think about the core value proposition to your target audience and make it the most prominent text on your homepage ๐Ÿš€

Hey David, thanks for taking the time for the feedback. I am still figuring out what this will eventually look like but with the summer here and things open, I am enjoying playing and trying it out.