Nomad List


Explore the world while working remotely
Launched July 29, 2019
change so meetup organizers can change the date/time of meetup until it’s confirmed with $minimumRSVPToConfirmMeetup (which is 3 now) #nomadlist
pay customer support contractor #nomadlist #remoteok
add race condition checker so people cannot press enter or click double signing up because then the reCAPTCHA invalidates #nomadlist sign up
fix Clearbit and Genderize local cache for emails and firstNames gender was not saving properly due to wrong chmod permisssions in /data/clearbit folder #nomadlist
add gender dropdown on sign up before Stripe Checkout so we can save on Clearbit credits by only checking for gender on email if woman is selected #nomadlist
get more Clearbit credits for gender detection #nomadlist
add reCAPTCHA to #nomadlist sign up because spammy signups (that don’t complete payment) are pushing us over the Clearbit quota (to check gender)
fix Slack won’t take user admin tokens anymore to do admin tasks, so try use Slack API tokens instead #nomadlist
change Stationary to Stationery #nomadlist /open
disallow changing meetup date/time because it’s too confusing for people if it just changes from Friday to Thursday in the week it’s happening for ex #nomadlist
fix [ Join Nomad List ] button didn’t work on city page if cold loaded #nomadlist
fix some American guys keep selecting they identify as multiple genders and it’s causing trouble on /dating, so limit identify as gender to ONE gender #nomadlist
fix login if user used dots in their email and tries login with email without dots because they forgot it would not recognize them, so now also check for email in db without dots #nomadlist
run schema validator again for #nomadlist to fix last issues because Google Console is stupid
add [ 🤝 Human resources ] as work tag #nomadlist profile
fix memory issue cause it was SELECT * FROM users, change to only tags #nomadlist
change invoice address because corporate address changed #nomadlist
add report user link after DM spammer came #nomadlist
change Nomad Score algo back to how it was a month ago (more emphasis on who’s where now) because the rankings starting to look slightly off #nomadlist
unarchive US city channels, because we switched to country only channels, but places like NYC, LA etc are kinda their own countries almost and it doesn’t work to put all US in one channel #nomadlist