Interior AI


Get interior design ideas from AI
auto detect if API goes down and auto write error message #interiorai
make [ Render new idea ] button animated gradient because people forget to press it #interiorai
try upgrade #interiorai from Stable Diffusion 1.5 to 2.0 but revert back because it’s really bad out of the box
add crop to avoid FREE text label resizing the width of pic #interiorai
review new Stable Diffusion 1.5 upgraded results #interiorai
add image hotlink protection so people can’t use #interiorai free as image hosting service to abuse it
move Stability SDK to its own /tmp folder cause it keeps deleting the /tmp folder lol #interiorai cc @daniellockyer
add change invoice address on Stripe Billing Portal #interiorai
use style image blurred if freestyle mode and no input image is set #interiorai
write more Python to fix Stability SDK client #interiorai
manually edit Stability Diffusion client myself to fix crazy filenames on new version of SDK #interiorai
upgrade Stable Diffusion CLI and fix new filenaming errors #interiorai
add backlink from #interiorai to #thdne
buy ConvertIO subscription to convert annoying AVIF files to JPG to train model #interiorai
finetune my own model for #interiorai
improve virtual staging by vertically scaling the mask of the ground a bit higher so furniture has more space than just on the ground #interiorai
fix style selector stuck at Tropical instead of picking last job’s style #interiorai
progress update #interiorai…
increase photorealism #interiorai
pay invoice @pretzelhands #interiorai consulting